almost summer

almost summer…
dust in the wind.
the end of the semester.
problems with russians.
the reading hall.
my brother graduating from school.
sleepless nights.
missed classes.
books, books…
almost summer…

sorry for being boring

i’m tired today.
i’m lazy today.
i’m crazy today.
i don’t wanna prepare for the last control test i have. oh, i don’t wanna talk about my studies again. i know it’s soooooooooo boring, especially at the end of the semester….
is there anything interesting in my life at the moment? i’m scared. why is it so boring? i have to wait a little more and then everything will be soooooo perfect! don’t wanna write anymore. sorry for being boring.

hehe, Kat, i think we’re alike.

Your #1 Match: INFP

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.

You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

What’s Your Personality Type?

1) Total number of books owned?
something like 300 or 400

2) The last book I bought?
the da vinci code – dan brown

3) The last book I read?
tender is the night – scott fitzgerald (still reading, can’t find to finish)

4) Four books that mean a lot to me?
100 years of solitude – G.G. Marques
quo vadis – H. Sienkiewicz
catcher in the rye – D. Salinger
anne frank’s diary

5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their LJs:

can’t think of more since lieke, kat and jett have already answered to these questions.

a funny, joyful, happy day.
the joke that i made with Am was really fun. we didn’t get the result we wanted but still we laughed a lot and learned much about armenians. we pretended that we were british and we were looking for a certain place in the city. it was interesting to see how were people trying to explain the road without knowing a word in english! there were 2 girls that could speak english very well and they came with us to the place “we were looking for.” they were so kind! we made some mistakes while we were walking with them. such as we crossed the street in a wrong place or when one of them asked my name i hesitated cuz i hadn’t thought of a nice british name for myself. still, they didn’t realize that we were joking and also trying to learn about teenagers.

and when i was at home in the evening, i don’t know how a conversation about our childhood began. my mum was telling all the crazy things me and my bro had done. it was really funny to hear those stories and yet i know how angry my mum was when we did all those things when we were little. i’m really happy i was that kind of a child though i had troubled many people too much…

yessss. here’s the day we were waiting for a long time. here’s the day that is showing the result of all those whispers “biochemistry” in all corners, all those nightmares, all those hours spent in the reading hall or even in the streets of Yerevan learning the metabolism of aminoacides and lipides. i was going crazy cuz everytime i ate something i was trying to figure out what aminoacides it contained. everytime i opened my eyes after a good sleep i was trying to remember certain names of enzymes. BIOCHEMISTRY… i was restless because of it and i got the result today… 10… i didn’t want that much! 9 was all i needed. well, i couldn’t even imagine it’s going to be so easy! i couldn’t even imagine i would get a 10 for biochemistry – me, who hates everything related to chemistry but still loves bio(chemistry).
but this is not the end. all those students who got higher than a 9 are going to answer to some questions. and i’m sure that my real mark isn’t 10…
yeah, i was so happy but i couldn’t look at those who weren’t satisfied with their marks. it made me really sad. why didn’t everyone get all they wanted?


BIOCHEMISTRY… a word that can be heard from every corner of our university.
BIOCHEMISTRY… a word whispered by all sophomore year students of the faculty of general medicine… for already a week.
BIOCHEMISTRY… the only subject that we think about. i discuss biochemistry tests with Maria at the breaks. i was reading about the steroids during the pathoanatomy class. i was trying to find something in the book everytime the lecturer of physiology was stopping reading the lecture. instead of saying “how are you?” to each other we say “how is your biochemistry?” we ask for an advice to the senior students.
and i didn’t go home after the classes. i went to the reading hall to study the metabolism of aminoacids. then i went out with my book and walked and read at the same time. i sat down sometimes just to write down some formulas for remembering them better.
we all have a reason for worrying. it’s the end of the semester and we have to use our last breaths to pass this test…


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so it’s almost the end of this semester. those 3 months flew so fast. it’s the time for hating learning anything but i’m lucky i don’t hate it yet. i still have 2 control tests and if i fail them, my life will become too difficult.
i have 4 exams and i’ll pass 2 of them automatically. i’m kind of angry about my exam dates:
june 17th – biochemistry
june 23rd – physiology
june 27th – english
june 30th – russian
i’m sure about english and physiology. biochemistry depends on what i’ll get for the last control test. russian depends on nothing. i have to prepare for the exam. so what does it make? 20 days for preparing! it’s too much… it just means 2 weeks doing nothing and worrying……
oh, why didn’t i learn that language in time? it’s too late now…..


no. i know there’s something incorrect in this game. someone’s lying or just is mistaken. a weird game. anyway, i’m not going to change my opinion about some people. and i have to choose either to hide my emotions, my feelings or to lose the game. a very hard game. a detective story. reality. i’m afraid. i shouldn’t make any mistakes. i must think about every word i say. too hard. and i’m alone in this game. shouldn’t trust the other players. they’re trying to win and i’m trying to find the truth. is it really possible when all the other players are liars? well, i’ll try my best…..

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