boring. have nothing to do. just checked my mail. noone seems to want to remember me. everybody is busy with this stupid holiday called new year. nothing interesting in au too. i don’t know what to do. maybe i should solve some japanese puzzles or maybe i should finish the book i started 2 weeks ago. not much left. i just don’t find time to finish it.


i had some guests today. they were my friends with whom i had a party yesterday. it was greaaaaaat! at first we drank some wine, then turned off the lights and lit candles and turned on starsailor, then muse and radiohead in the end. we sat on the floor and closed our eyes. we were a little drunk. soon anna joined us too (she had visited her boss, that’s why she was late). we wanted to listen to something happy. and i don’t know why i remembered a song sooooo suddenly. it was kelly family’s “hey diddle diddle.” “none of you has ever heard this song!” i said. and i found the old tape, covered by dust. i turned on the song and we danced soooo crazily. then i found another kelly family tape and played that one. i drowned in my past even deeper. i remembered myself when i was a 10-year-old girl and i was a kelly fan. “they’re not as bad as i thought,” i told to my friends. “i may even say that they’re quite good.” i almost cried when i listened to “first time.” it reminded me of something but i didn’t know what. i realized that i can’t listen to that song right to the end so i pressed the forward button to listen to something else…

…and when you have nothing to do, and when it’s a holiday, you begin to remember some people, to whom you’ve been connected before. and you take the phone to call them but then you regret cuz it’s not YOU who has forgotten them. you’ve tried to bring back the connection for several times but it didn’t work… poor you. you’re left with some of your friends and that’s all. you must forget all those beautiful moments you had with them and you must come to your friends that are always with you. it’s a shame… but you realize that you love those “forgotten” ones more. you just can’t tell them about it. you wait for their calls but they won’t ever remember you again. maybe they do and they wait for your calls as well. poor you. you don’t know what to do…

tie up my hands

we had an amazing crazy party today. we danced, played the game (anna won!), took funny pictures. just before anna and lilit were going to leave, we decided to listen to starsailor’s tie up my hands. i turned off the lights and sat on the floor. i closed my eyes and remembered certain moments of my life. then nona gave me a candle. i opened my eyes and looked at it. i remembered him and i felt i loved him again at that moment. oh, that song is dangerous. i shouldn’t listen to it again or i’ll begin to love again. and i don’t want it! it was a dream, a fairy-tale that shouldn’t come back to me this year. oh, but tie up my hands is one of my favs ever…

new year

a holiday that i hate… i really hate. it’s the same every year. well, it wasn’t the same this year. a bit difference. we had some guests at midnight and also we went for a walk in the city which i found useless cuz the people that were with me weren’t kind of my type. they found it’s a shame to sing and shout in the streets. i went to bed at 4am. unusual for new year. i never stay awake after 3am. and that happened twice in my life. oh, i think i could stay awake so long just because i didn’t drink any alcohol.
the new year is good for only one thing. it makes me stop for a while and look back to the previous year to see what have i learned. i did it for 2004 as well. i realized that i had learned more than i had ever did in my life.
sitting in the living-room right now with all my candles lit. i love this smell. i visited my grandma this afternoon (as every new year) but i’m going to spend the evening at home. i’m gonna think again, think more to take all the positive from last year and leave all the negative.
gonna have a party with my friends tomorrow. it’s the most amazing thing about the new year but well, it mustn’t be new year for such parties. we have them several times in a year. new year is good that we’re all off for several days so we can start the party early in the afternoon and finish at night. also, i’ve made some surprises for them. we’re going to play a game, our favorite one! it’s called musical training. but we’re going to play a bit differently. i’m gonna change the rules. there are going to be prizes too! funny prizes! and i’m going to act a santa. it’s going to be pretty funny.

happy new year to everyone readong this!

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