i don’t know what’s going on with me. i runaway from home to grandma’s, i feel very well there for 2 days and then i can’t stay there anymore so i come back home.
i decided to stop my relationships with my friends for a while but then i felt i missed them. they called me first. after talking with some of them, i felt even worse.
…but i thought a lot when i was at my grandma’s… i remembered some conversations with different people who told me that “i love you” is so hard to say for guys. they don’t say it directly. they try to show it with other words, other actions. well, i knew it before but i didn’t pay much attention. but when i was at my grandma’s, i analyzed all the words he said and i realized that those were nothing but “i love you.”
…it’s too late now to care that he loved me. i don’t love him anymore and i hope he doesn’t also…

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