it was really weird…
i know that i have something to do with her…
it wasn’t the first time…
well, i still had that weird feeling that something was going to happen. and i was thinking of Lili. i knew that she was going to appear again. yeah, she disappears for some time. i might forget her for months but whenever i remember her again, she calls me or i see her somewhere near opera.
and again… i remembered her again… and that weird feeling… well, i didn’t want to find any connection between Lili and that weird feeling.
it began to annoy me… that feeling. so i prayed and asked God if something was going to happen, then let it happen at that moment. AT THAT MOMENT i heard a telephone call. i picked up the phone. it was… Lili… i was sooooooo surprised though i was waiting for that call.
she’s not a very close friend to me but i know that we have something to tell each other. i don’t know what. i’ve lost her for several times and found again. there must be something important. oh, i wish i could tell what it is….

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