didn’t write poems for more than a year. well, i was so bored at the chemistry lecture on friday so i composed one. here it is:

if you close your eyes
and look inside yourself
you’ll find nothing but
huge ammount of pain

if you close your ears
and hear your inner voice
you’ll find nothing but
a meaningless noise

if you cross the sea
and find a new land
you won’t feel better
cuz you’ve left your friends

and now i think of you
you left me standing there
waiting for you
waiting with heartbeat

your dream won’t come true
and you’ll lose one day
you’ll look around
but no one will help

and when you’ll understand
how dear i am
come here, sweetie,
i’ll hold you again

well, this poem is dedicated to him but i doubt if he’ll ever read it…

Valentines day

so today is Valentines day. i have noone to spend with. actually, there is someone that i love but he can never love me back. so i’m not going to spend this day with him. well, alanis told us to spend the V-day for ourselves if we don’t have some one to spend with. that’s what i’m going to do. i wrote a letter to myself and put in the special box for the V-day. today is saturday (no school), so i’m going to get my letter on monday. it will be fun to get a letter “from someone special.”
now i’ll go out and buy some flowers for me and i’ll imagine that i got the flowers “from someone special.”
happy Valentines day!!!!


i was reading my old diaries.ooh, how strongly hurts me my past!!! i was reading my childish thoughts and getting sader and sader. i would like to return the happy old and crazy days. i began to cry. those days are gone and they’re never gonna come back…

i couldn’t help myself so i downloaded the clips of alanis morissette’s new album. oh, i think the album is going to be a great one. just little pieces of the songs… but they touched my heart.

i’m like estella

nothing’s changed in my life. i enjoy my holidays though i miss uni, i miss my busy life. i had stayed at my grandma’s for almost a week. i had a really calm life there. all i did was reading a book. i read charles dickens’ great expectations. i liked it a lot. i liked estella. i think i’m like her.
i’m like estella. i like to reel it in and then spit it out…
hehe, maybe i’m like alanis also.


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