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my weekend

saturday… a lot of time to waste. isn’t it wonderful? woke up 12:30pm. then wrote a letter to Annie. how i love writing letters!!! then i went for a walk. there was nothing to do. had a breakfast in a cafe. now i’m in a cyber cafe. in 30 minutes i should go cuz it’s araksya’s birthday. she’s my friend for already 3.5 years. hm, her birthday was on the 13th but the party is today. omg, she’s already 24!!! she was 20 when we met. how fast time passes!!! hope i’ll have a nice time today.
i’ll go to a trip tomorrow. i love trips and the air is so fresh. i think i’ll take many photos of my country’s beautiful nature. one thing that my country still has is its beautiful nature. hope it won’t snow today. well, it’s very sunny but it’s so cold and it can snow anytime.
it’s monday after tomorrow. i hate to think about it. a lot of homeowrks for monday and i’m sure i won’t have time for doing them.

friday (my fav day)

friday again… i love it. i can sleep as much as i want tomorrow.
i found an old tape today. it was recorded in 2001. there were songs that i adored before… and i adore til today. coldplay-“trouble”
i heard it for the first time when i was in paris. i loved that song. it was so boring in paris cuz my grandma didn’t let me do what i wanted to do. only music helped me then.
another song: radiohead-“creep”
oh, that’s one of my fav songs ever!!!
i’m a creep
i’m a weirdo
what the hell am i doing here?
i don’t belong here.
the next song was chris de bourgh’s “rainy night in paris”
everytime i hear that song i remember paris. i remember myself walking down the streets of paris. it was wonderful when my grandma wasn’t with me (it was just once).
there were also many songs of alanis. it was really interesting to remember those gone days when i was 14. do i want to be 14 again? no way!!! i don’t want to be in high school again!!!

it’s just me

it’s my fault. now i know that. it’s my fault that i was separate from my classmates at high school and now i’m separate from my groupmates at uni. they’re all different but i’m the same. i can’t have friends who are not a little like me. well, i have friends in the uni and they’re closer than my groupmates. all that jealousy… i hate that. some of my groupmates are jealous. that’s really dangerous. they may mix up all my relations with others. i’m afraid. a simple thing happened today when i argued with a boy from another group. it was something that one of my groupmates had done cuz they told the boy things that i hadn’t really said. i couldn’t find the one who did that but i doubt it was one of the 2 girls of my group… why did they need my argue with the boy????

i woke up at 5am today. oh, it’s saturday so why did i wake up so early? hm, chemistry test at 10am and i’m not ready. well, it was hard to memorize those stupid things but i did my best. oh, no, what is best? if i did my best then i wouldn’t have to wake up at 5am. i was so lazy to learn them well before. i left everything for the last day, last hours.
now that f*cking test is in the past. hope i’ll get at least an 8.
oh, in the morning i was listening to the radio. it was 9am. i wanted to go to uni already but then i thought: “let’s listen to the radio a little more. they might play alanis.”
hehe, 9:05-i was combing my hair. a familiar voice… alanis-surrendering….


why am i so unloved? i look around and i see all my friends. they have boyfriends or there are many guys who are in love with them. i want to be loved too. only 3 guys have been ever in love with me but, hm, they’re all idiots. all nice guys always make fun of me. why? am i so ugly? am i so stupid? i’m so confused. oh…
i can feel so unsexy for some one so beautiful
i can feel so unloved for some one so fine
i can feel so boring for some one so interesting…


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